Why Abbott-Ipco

Why you should choose Abbott-Ipco

Plants are a major part of the planet's filtration system, so being able to supply both people and companies with products that will be able to help the planet is one of the best rewards for what we do.

Being in the horticulture industry and not only being suppliers of plant bulbs, but also growers gives us an opportunity to be aware of and careful about our practices, so that the footprint we are leaving to be cleaned up by the planet is very minimal. 

Abbott-Ipco is one of the world's largest suppliers for plant bulbs and other horticultural supplies. We are known for our vast species and variety options, along with our other supplies.

You name it, we supply it. Either directly or through one of our curated partners or vendors. We go through an extensive process when we choose our partners and vendors, to ensure that they share the ideals of Abbott-Ipco.

We are constantly adapting and perfecting new and unique varieties of several of the species that we offer. We are constantly curating new varieties to be more superior in performance, resistant to disease and insects, tolerant to heat and able to survive in wider geographic areas.

We are also always on the look out for new, useful products to offer that will help all of our customers, from the big box stores to the home gardeners.

Healthy bulbs make healthy plants.

ALL of our bulbs are tested for disease and tissue cultured to produce extremely, vigorous and vibrant plants. If you start with healthy and strong bulbs, you will end up with the healthiest, strongest and most vibrant plant possible.

If you have any comments or suggestions we would love to hear from you!