flowers growers caladiums
flowers growers caladiums


Caladiums are our Business from Start to Finish

Fancy Leaf Caladiums

Fancy Leaf caladiums produce large, broad, heart-shaped leaves. Ideal for adding color to shaded areas and also thrives in partial sun.

                                                                                                                            Strap Leaf Caladiums

Strap leaf caladiums produce lance-shaped leaves and most are compact. Excellent for landscape boarders, as well as hanging baskets.

               New Generation Caladiums Derived From Tissue Culture

Caladiums (Caladium Hortulanum)

 Caladiums (Caladium hortulanum) are tropical plants that originated in the Amazon basin of South America. Caladiums are grown from tubers; however, in the industry they are commonly referred to as bulbs.

Caladiums have many uses in the horticultural industry. They are widely used in landscapes and home gardens in the south where growing conditions are very favorable. In northern climates, caladiums can be planted outside after the last frost in the spring. Here they will accent the annuals and perennials found in northern gardens until early fall.

Caladiums are extensively sold as potted plants in the florist trade. Traditionally potted caladiums are offered as Easter and Mother’s Day crops. However, with our   continual improvements in bulb storage procedures, caladiums can be used all year.

In addition to landscape/garden use and as potted plants, caladiums are finding their way into interiorscapes as well. The interiorscape market is continuously looking for long lasting color, and caladiums with their wide array of colors fill this need.