Pre-finished and Finished

Pre-finished and Finished Caladium Plants

ABBOTT-IPCO offers a complete line of potted pre-finished spiking caladiums in sizes ranging from 4” to 10” containers and hanging baskets from grower locations in Florida and Texas.

Caladiums usually take 8 plus weeks to grow into mature saleable plants. If professional growers can provide most of the initial growing, the grower or retailer can save up to 5 weeks of valuable bench time off his caladium crop by using a pre-finished caladium program.

Pre-finished caladiums are spiked plants with usually a few scattered leaves, which will finish in 2 – 3 weeks. We also offer a full range of finished caladium plants for instant color and sales. Contract production of both pre-finished and finished caladium pots or baskets, can be arranged and is welcomed.