Cultural Cut Foliage

Caladiums As Cut Foliage For Floral Arrangements

Though they are not widely used for cut foliage usage, we believe this represents a real opportunity for the cut foliage/flower producer. Caladiums come in a wide array of colors, leaf shapes and leaf sizes. Because of their ethylene sensitivity, something like Silver Thiosulfate should be considered in the holding water solution. DO NOT PUT CALADIUMS IN A COOLER AT TEMPERATURES LOWER THAN 65°F (19°C). They are quite happy at room temperatures (75°-78°F: 23°-25°C). The petiole or stem can be weak and cause problems with the shelf life of cut caladium leaves. This can be overcome by sliding the entire stem into a plastic soda straw. Utilizing this method we have found leaves will last three to four weeks in tap water (though deionized water may work better). Cut leaves just above where they begin cupping. Smaller leaves tend to work better in a mixed arrangement than large ones. De-eying the bulb before planting can enhance the number of smaller leaves. Do not cut leaves before they are fully opened, and have reached a mature size.

The cut leaves of the following varieties have shown promise:

White Red Pink

Mount Everest

Red Ruffles

Fannie Munson

White Wing

Freida Hemple


White Queen

Red Frill





Please Note

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